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Let’s Make a Difference


Everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood and on their way to work and public parks. We have a beautiful downtown that has been marred by rising violent and property crime, while people across our city are feeling frustrated by the lack of response. I know. I was broken into twice by the same person. On City Council, I’ll increase funding for community-centered policing and demand accountability to improve public safety.


The problem of homelessness is complex, but that can’t be an excuse to do nothing.  We need to continue incentives to create more affordable housing to help get people off of the streets while connecting them with social services.  We also need to use all of the tools at our disposal to reign in rampant addiction.  Failing to treat the substance abuse and mental health issues being faced by many of our unhoused neighbors is inhumane and threatens the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Economic Development

As a small business owner, I know what it takes to create family-wage jobs and grow our local economy.  I’ve also mentored other entrepreneurs to help them become successful in their own fields.  A vibrant town square with local small businesses helps create a city with opportunities for recreation and entertainment, as well as growing our economy to support our tax base.

Public Safety
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